Bringing Meditation To The Men And Women In Blue

Meditation | Using Meditation Can Teach You To Detach From Job Related Stress

There are a lot of jobs out there that score high on the stress level scale. The men and women who uphold the law and risk their lives day in and day out to make our world just a bit safer represent one such profession. Let’s face it, police officers could use meditation. A lot of it. Unfortunately, because of how society views them and also how they view themselves, […] Read more »

Even Caregivers Need A Little Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Decrease Stress And Maintain Optimal Health

One of the biggest difficulties that healers, caregivers, and nurses alike have when it comes to offering their services, is keeping themselves in tip top physical and emotional shape. I’m not necessarily talking about the need to go to the gym and eat a healthy diet, although those things do help. Rather, the need that caregivers have to energetically protect and clean themselves so as not to absorb and take […] Read more »

How Meditation Can Save Your Law Career

Meditation |

When it comes to meditation and business, the main reason why a person chooses to undertake this mind body centering technique isn’t necessarily for spiritual enlightenment. Rather, most business people tend to pick up a meditation practice to help relieve job related stress and anxiety. And no other group of individuals could benefit more from meditation than those practicing law. Amanda Enayati, in this recent CNN post, explores the growing trend […] Read more »

Using Meditation To Help The Helping Professional

Meditation | Create Clear Boundaries Through Meditation

If you’re in the helping profession, you know how important it is to practice clear boundaries, good intentions, and every now and then, have a check in with yourself to see what’s getting through those blind spots. Whether you’re a therapist, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, mind body counselor, and the like, when the healer isn’t getting some healing, problems can arise. Lauren M, In this recent Psych Central post, outlines […] Read more »

Meditation For Business

Meditation | Practicing Meditation In Business Can Lead To Increased Profits

The bad news, if you believe that life has a destination you are probably going to spend a lot of time dealing with disappointment. The good news, that life isn’t a destination but rather a journey full of ups and downs, lefts and rights. And while people might not enjoy hearing the latter statement, at least you’ll never get bored! That said, how do you deal with the less-than-static definition […] Read more »

A Leadership Course In Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation | Use Mindfulness Meditation To Become A More Effective Leader

For most of you by now, it’s common knowledge that meditation can lead to decreased stress and anxiety, not to mention lowering your blood pressure. The question is, how can this life transforming practice be taken and incorporated into other areas of your life? In this latest Bradenton post from Jerome S. Osteryoung, the author explores how the principles learned during mindfulness meditation are being used to help people become […] Read more »

How Meditation Can Help A Business Meeting

Meditation | Use Meditation To Increase Business Meeting Productivity

We all know by now that a meditation practice can have both positive mental and physical benefits to those who choose to undertake the courageous journey. The question is, how do we take that practice and use it to our benefit when not sitting in the comfort of our living room? One study out of Japan thinks they have an answer. In this latest Air & Business Travel News, Sara Turner reports […] Read more »

Using Meditation And Yoga To Combat Office Burnout

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Prevents Stress On The Job

For most Americans (and I’m sure many working people around the world), a majority of their day is spent at the office. Regardless of a person’s title or job description, often times, long days and even longer years can lead to office burnout. And although some jobs offer some perks to offset the monotony, one company in Canada is offering to bring yoga and meditation into your workplace to help […] Read more »

How A Walking Meditation Can Save Your Career

Everybody gets mad. Frustration and anger are just two emotions that exist on the feeling wheel. It’s what you do with those feelings that can make or break a situation. While some people are much better at dissolving and even hiding anger, others are not. Unfortunately, those in the latter category might just find themselves jobless if they can’t figure out a solution. Andrew G. Rosen in his latest US […] Read more »