Meditate Your Way Back-To-School!

Meditation | Meditation And Yoga Can Teach Children How To Empower Themselves

With Labor Day around the corner, school-aged children from all around the country are either back in school or quickly preparing for a return to the classroom. You can almost feel the sense of excitement and fear these children face as they venture into the unknown. The good news is, now more than ever, children receive the support, encouragement and mentoring needed to help them to make these important life […] Read more »

Becoming Mindful About Schoolroom Anxiety

Meditation | Use Relaxation Techniques To Help Children Cope With Stress

For those parents of school-aged children, all you have to do is think back to when you were in school to appreciate how anxiety ridden the whole schooling process can be. From homework assignments to peer pressure, it’s a surprise that any of us come out alive. The good news is that parents today are much more conscious of how difficult these formative years can be, and as a result, […] Read more »

How To Teach Your Kid Meditation

Meditation | Use Age Appropriate Meditation Techniques To Teach Your Child How To Meditate

If you practice meditation regularly, it’s safe to say you recognize its benefits. It’s probably also safe to say that you wish you’d started your conscious inner journey sooner, say when you were a kid. And if you have kids, you might be wondering how on earth you could get your child to focus enough to begin them on their own meditation path, that is without stunting their beautiful and […] Read more »

Mind Control And Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Gain Inner Peace

We all meditate for our own unique reasons. While some do it to decrease stress and anxiety, others focus on the more spiritual aspects and use a practice to cultivate a deep relationship with something that really can’t be spoken about, only experienced. Back in the late 60’s, however, a little book called Helping Yourself with Psycho Cosmic Power by AG Manning hit the scene which outlined how one could use […] Read more »

A Breathing Meditation For Children

Meditation | How To Teach Children Meditation

There’s nothing that makes me happier than to read stories about child advocacy. Maybe it’s because I’ve connected to my own unmet needs surrounding it or because I see on a daily basis the profound effect that standing up for a child can have on a child’s sense of self. Whatever it is, it’s a nice thing to witness. If you have a kid, know a kid, or want to […] Read more »

How To Teach A Child Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Teach Children To Control Their Frustration And Anger

Believe it or not, meditation is not just for those who can consciously appreciate the cultivation of a relationship with self. As studies continue to pop up showing both the mental and physical benefits a meditation practice can have, the time has come to bring this practice to a much younger generation. With all the stress and anxiety in this world, why not? Dr. Trupti in this Med India post […] Read more »

A Calm Classroom Is A Happy Classroom

I don’t know about you, but school in the 70’s wasn’t calm. I’m sure that some could argue that the type of schooling that the now 30-somethings received helped to nurture something, however, it sure as heck wasn’t a conscious sense of self. And we’ve paid the price. Luckily today, school administrators, teachers, and parents are beginning to acknowledge how a little classroom meditation could help their children in the […] Read more »

Can Meditation Be Taught To Children?

Meditation | Meditation Tips For Children

Many opinions can be given as to whether meditation can be beneficial, much less taught to children.  In this powerful piece by Helen Gray from The Kansas City Star, she offers an example of how simple instruction to young children can make dramatic differences and how meditation can positively affect relations between children and both their peers and parents. Gray offers a birds eye perspective into how a group of […] Read more »