A Meditation Consideration For Parents

Meditation | Meditation Teaches Us To React Peacefully And Receptively Toward Life

Who doesn’t like to grab the meditation pillow, maybe a candle, and find that nice quiet space within one’s home where one can sit for 20 or 30 minutes in pure bliss? Sure you might first have to go through some challenging thoughts, feelings, and sensations, but if you’ve practiced meditation for a while, you know it’s well worth it. The truth is, however, peace and quiet in this day […] Read more »

Reclaim Your Authenticity With A Laughter Meditation

Meditation | Reclaim Your Authentic Self By Learning To Meditate

One of the biggest drawbacks in getting older is how, with each passing year, a person gets further away from that carefree state they experienced as a child, when their only responsibility was to have fun, play, and laugh. The good news is that passing time doesn’t necessarily mean that the state is no longer accessible. Rather, more time passed simply necessitates practices like meditation to help a person access […] Read more »

10 Tips To Successfully Meditating With Your Toddler

Meditation | Practice Meditation Everyday And Learn To Relax

A meditation space is sacred. That said, what constitutes the space where the conscious mind and the unconscious meet can be as diverse as an individual meditator’s differing tastes. The point is to find a place that helps facilitate inward focus with the intention of cultivating a relationship with yourself. Now that’s all swell and good, but what if you have children in the house! Kara-Leah Grant pens this recent […] Read more »

Affecting Future Generations With Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Teach Your Children To Be In The Present

Serving as a good role model to one’s children, I’m sure, is the goal of every parent. Unfortunately, many parents find that with all the stressors that this life holds, being a positive mirror to their children’s emotional needs, wants, and desires sometimes falls short. And while most of us think about material things when it comes to what we are going to leave our children once we transition, take […] Read more »

Finding Creative Ways For Parents To Practice Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Focus On The Moment And Do One Thing At At Time

When it comes to raising a child, nothing is more challenging for parents than finding the peace and quiet needed to cultivate a relationship with self. Between changing diapers, runs to the supermarket, and arranging play dates, not to mention household chores and time dedicated to the significant other, parents have a hard time going when it comes to creating time for meditation. Miranda Cashin, in this recent Tweed News […] Read more »

Is HypnoBirthing The Wave Of The Future?

Meditation | Meditation Techniques Can Make Labor Easier For Expectant Mothers

I’m not even going to begin to guess or comment on what it must feel like to deliver a baby (from a mother’s perspective). I’m seriously male. Suffice to say, having watched enough Grey’s Anatomy and TLC, it certainly looks like a lot of work, not to mention quite uncomfortable. That said, the benefits far outweigh the costs, which is probably why women continue to give birth. Checkout this latest […] Read more »