Meditate Your Way Back-To-School!

Meditation | Meditation And Yoga Can Teach Children How To Empower Themselves

With Labor Day around the corner, school-aged children from all around the country are either back in school or quickly preparing for a return to the classroom. You can almost feel the sense of excitement and fear these children face as they venture into the unknown. The good news is, now more than ever, children receive the support, encouragement and mentoring needed to help them to make these important life […] Read more »

Becoming Mindful About Schoolroom Anxiety

Meditation | Use Relaxation Techniques To Help Children Cope With Stress

For those parents of school-aged children, all you have to do is think back to when you were in school to appreciate how anxiety ridden the whole schooling process can be. From homework assignments to peer pressure, it’s a surprise that any of us come out alive. The good news is that parents today are much more conscious of how difficult these formative years can be, and as a result, […] Read more »

Meditation Benefits Special Needs Students

Meditation Benefits | Special Needs Children Learn Social Skills Through Meditation

While life at any stage can be a struggle filled with stress and anxiety, for first through eighth graders who are just beginning to learn the social skills that will more than likely stick with them for the rest of their lives, life can be especially tough. Now consider those students with special needs like autism and attention-deficit disorders and you have quite a challenge on your hands. Kristin E. Holmes […] Read more »

Students Use Meditation To Beat School Stress

Meditation Benefits | Meditation Is Used To Deal With Academic And Peer Pressure

Let’s face it, being a student today can be quite a challenge. Not only because of the curriculum, but also because of peer pressure and the tremendous stress that students are under to make top grades. And while athletics used to be the great stress reliever in times past, in this day and age, at least at this Toronto school, meditation and other holistic health practices are used to help […] Read more »

Holistic Health And Meditation Take Charge In Canadian High Schools

Meditation Benefits | Meditation And Holistic Healing Practices Help Kids Grow Up

Leave it to our neighbors to the north, some of the most socially progressive people on the planet, to bring meditation and other holistic healing methods to where they’re needed the most: high school. I don’t know about you, but I wish someone where I grew up was thinking along those lines. Would have made puberty a bit easier! In this latest Global Regina post, Julie Finkelman introduces us to a […] Read more »

Meditation Improves Attitude of Teenage Boys

Meditation | Meditation Can Help Teenagers Cope With Life

Being a teenager has it’s ups and downs. And unfortunately without proper support, subsequent years can be equally as challenging. So what’s a teenager to do? Well if you have a good support system that helps. Even better is one that promotes the use of mind body centering techniques like meditation to give you the tools that not only help you to navigate through those difficult years, but that will […] Read more »

Students Use Insight Meditation To Refocus and Rejuvenate

Meditation | Students Relieve Stress Using Mindfulness Meditation

I don’t know about you, but when I was in school meditation was not something that was high on my priority list. Between studies, social engagements, and the whole finding my path in life experience, ironically, focusing inward didn’t even cross my mind. Oh how times have changed. Lynnsey Plaisance pens this recent Gustavian Weekly post about a program now offered at Gustavus Adolphus College that helps students to focus and […] Read more »

Does Basketball And Meditation Mix?

Nowadays, meditation is a practice used by many organizations as a way to focus their members. From business professionals to sports teams, meditation provides the means to not only help individuals get better in touch with themselves, but also as a way to achieve the goal at hand. Jayda Evens reports that this is exactly what is being used by members of the Washington Huskies Women’s Basketball Team to win […] Read more »

Meditation + Yoga + The College Experience

Meditation | Meditation Can Help Give You A More Clear Perspective

The days of college being solely a place to party and socialize (and hopefully learn a thing or two) are over. College (at least at UNC) now presents the opportunity to focus within and forge a relationship with yourself. UNC Tar Heel Matthew Moran gives a fresh college perspective on the need for meditation and yoga, almost bringing a wise-beyond-his-years tone that I’m sure most of us wish we had […] Read more »