Can A Relaxation Meditation Ease The Birthing Process?

Meditation | A Relaxation Meditation Called Hypnobirthing Eases The Birthing Process

It’s true that meditation is used for a lot of things. People with all sorts of mental and physical issues swear by the alternative healing practice as a way to relieve their symptoms and also as a means in which to explore why the ailment itself is manifesting in their lives in the first place. Now a relatively new form of meditation called HypnoBirthing is being used as a natural […] Read more »

Ease Stomach Dis-Ease With Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Decrease Anxiety Causing Irritable Bowel Syndrome

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome you probably know that there’s not much out there in the way of treatment and prevention. Sure you can change your diet and increase exercise, but unfortunately medicine and science haven’t been so quick to come up with a solution. Some good news, however, is that mindfulness and meditation seem to be offering relief to many women afflicted with regular abdominal cramps, bloating, […] Read more »

Menopause: Out With Estrogen In With Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation Benefits | Use Mindfulness Meditation Instead Of Drugs As An Alternative Treatment To Menopause

Life transitions are tough enough with all the mental changes that occur when people move from one life stage to another. One of the more collectively challenging, at least for women, is during menopause. As a woman’s body shifts and she can no longer bear children, hormone levels change sending many women into an emotional and physical tailspin. And while drugs have been used in the past to control both […] Read more »

Hey Mom! Relaxation Meditation Everyday

Meditation | Use Meditation And Yoga To Cope With Overwhelming Stress

I’m sure that no one would argue being a mother isn’t one of the hardest jobs on the planet. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for 18 years straight (approximates, of course), mom spends her time not only caring for herself and her home, but also for her children. And by care I mean emotionally, physically, and until they get old enough, spiritually. If mom doesn’t take the time […] Read more »

Can Meditation Be Used To Treat Menopause?

Meditation | A Mindfulness Meditation Practice Benefits Those Facing Menopause

We all know that meditation can benefit, well everyone. From students needing to learn how to better focus, to those in business who suffer from too much stress and anxiety, when it comes to the benefits that a meditation practice holds the list goes on and on. But do those benefits extend to women facing menopause? A new study from the University of Massachusetts says yes. Checkout this recent US […] Read more »

Meditation Techniques Benefit Expectant Mothers

Meditation | Meditation Is Good For Pregnant Women And Their Unborn Children

I can’t think of anything more confronting than giving birth to a child. To feel that vulnerable and exposed I’m sure is a welcome experience for some. Yet for others, it must be downright terrifying regardless of the gift on the other side. And while the birthing process is one thing, the time leading up to it is quite another. The good news is that current research shows that practicing […] Read more »

Meditation And Gentle Exercise May Help Cancer Patients

Meditation | Meditation And Qigong Increase Health And Well Being

When it comes to meditation, figuring out which type of practice is best for you depends upon who you are and the circumstances around why you are wanting to cultivate a relationship with self in the first place. And while any practice will ultimately be beneficial to your body, mind, and soul, taking extra care to check out what practice is going to best suit your needs it vital for […] Read more »

Hypnotherapy And Cancer

Meditation | Use Hypnotherapy And Meditation To Get To The Heart Of Your Issues

It’s widely known that meditation and other relaxation techniques can be helpful when facing life situations that cause you great stress and anxiety. Those diagnosed with cancer or people undergoing treatment can attest to that. What most people don’t know, probably due to how the practice is portrayed in the media, is that hypnotherapy like meditation, can provide successful entry into the unconscious where a person can find peace and […] Read more »

Breast Cancer Patients Use Meditation For Relief

Meditation | Meditation Helps Breast Cancer Patients Deal With Fear

Taking into consideration the various benefits that a meditation practice holds, one of the biggest is its ability to help people disengage from the incessant negative and fearful thoughts that many find running uncontrollably through their heads. And when it comes to those individuals battling cancer, separating from fear and negativity could mean the difference between life and death. According to this latest Daily News And Analysis post, a recent study from […] Read more »