Can Meditation Help With Infertility?

Relaxation Techniques | Meditation And Other Relaxation Methods Can Help With Pregnancy

One thing is true when it comes to meditation and other stress reduction and mind body techniques: they help to get you into the moment and in doing so, out of your head. And as you know, stress is one of the most challenging obstacles a person can face when it comes to overall health and well being. Now, a recent study is claiming that stress can have a profound […] Read more »

One Woman’s Meditation Journey To Save Her Life

Meditation Journey To Save A Life

Although we all know that meditation can reduce blood pressure and decrease anxiety, plus help with depression, and teach you how to better deal with people and their differing personalities, the benefits of a meditation practice really hit home when it’s needed to save your life. Checkout this recent Wilton Villager post about Sara Avant Stover and her use of meditation and other holistic healing methods after her diagnosis with pre-cancerous cells […] Read more »

2 Relaxation Techniques To Create Harmony

Meditation | Deep Breathing Meditation Exercises Reduce Stress

Stress is just plain foul. Why? Because it leaves you anxious, irritable, and fearful, not to mention the side effects which include increased blood pressure, body pain, and other physical ailments. The trick isn’t to expect a life free from stress. Rather, to figure out what you can do to properly plan so that when you find yourself in a stressful situation you know how to remain calm. Those familiar […] Read more »

Can Women Protect Their Hearts From Stress?

Regardless of your job description, any job can be stressful. Unfortunately, most people don’t take enough time or proper measures to combat the negative side effects increased stress can have on the body. In a recent study from Harvard Medical School, researchers uncovered a strong link between a woman’s job stress and cardiovascular disease. Their findings show that for women with high-stress jobs, there is a 40% greater possibility that […] Read more »