The Basics of Zen Meditation Techniques

Meditating has become increasingly popular in recent years and has grown to become a more commonplace practice for relieving stress and anxiety. It is a method of relaxation that allows you to find your inner peace and achieve a sense of harmony with the world. If you are overly stressed, you may think that achieving any sense of peace at all will be a struggle, but the fact is that meditating is easy. If you spend just a few minutes each day striving to release your stress and anxiety, you will find that your life will truly change in some incredible ways. First, though, you have to take time to learn the basics of Zen meditation techniques.

Zen meditation techniques are pretty easy to do, and in fact they are suitable for just about anyone to do. You simply grab a spot on the floor, or you can sit in a chair but don’t lean back. You should be supported by your own strength and energy. You should sit comfortably. Some people say you should sit in a lotus or half-lotus position, but the most important thing is that you are seated comfortably with a tall posture that enables full and natural breathing. To begin meditating, you will close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths. You will want to fully inhale as deeply as you can and exhale fully, too, but in a natural, relaxed way. You will want to focus on the sounds and sensations of breathing, holding your body still. Your thoughts should focus on your breathing and nothing else.

When you follow Zen meditation techniques, you will find that you will gain awareness over your body. You will regain focus on your body while the other cares that have been occupying you are eased from your mind. Before you end your session, you will want to raise your hands over your head and gently sway from right to left in relaxing arcs. Ideally, your meditation sessions will last at least 10 or 15 minutes per day, and you may find that you enjoying meditating so much that you want to do it for longer periods of time or several times per day.